Product List

Product List

Smooth and beautiful curves of trees of natural origin. For dining and cafe tables.

(cypress) 2200×700×90 (mm)
1,600,000 yen(+tax)

780mm wide. For table as it is.

(cypress) 3400×780×100(mm)
3,600,000 yen(+tax)

Rarely found, more than 7m long cypress. Suitable for Japanese style restaurants.

(cypress) 7100×500×120(mm)
3,600,000 yen(+tax)

You feel a long history from this beautifully aged material. This 190mm thickness is for all-purpose.

(cypress) 4700×630×190 (mm)
3,000,000 yen(+tax)

A board with both wide width and thickness is valuable and hardly found. The dynamic knots are also its characteristic.

(cypress) 5100×700×180(mm)
4,000,000 yen(+tax)

A solid board with particularly long length of 9.7m. it is for those who look for long pure solid material.

(cypress) 9700×460×160(mm)
2,400,000 yen(+tax)

3m long versatile board, for tables, chairs or mini-counters.

(cypress) 3000×600×135(mm)
1,000,000 yen(+tax)

Dynamic 890mm width board. You feel its own taste as a pure solid timber.

(cypress) 2800×890×130(mm)
1,600,000 yen(+tax)

A board with a beautiful contrast between heartwood and sapwood. For counter table in particular.

杉 4820×520×75(mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

A board with a lot of heartwood and is resistant to decay and insects. It is a stylish with a moderate thickness.

杉 4820×615×70(mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

A board with a beautiful mountain-shaped grain by heartwood. Eye-catching gorgeous finish without any knots.

杉 4810×650×65(mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

The gradation of heart wood enhances three-dimensional feeling and profundity. It is a Genpei wood (mixture of heartwood and sapwood) with calm tone of color.

杉 4820×440×90(mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

A cedar board with well-balanced heartwood and sapwood. Recommended for kitchen counters.

杉 4700×440×90(mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

You feel a sense of nature from small knots. 105mm thickness is very easy to use for all-purposes.

杉 4700×550×90(mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

735mm is perfect size for tables and counters. It cannot be missed for those who look for wider width material.

杉 4700×735×80(mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

A beautiful board with densely packed grains. Having fewer knots increases its versatility.

杉 4700×640×70(mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

A material with wider width of heart wood and thickness. A densely patterned cedar with a sense of dignity.

杉 4700×710×110 (mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)

The heartwood of the board has a unique pattern like a river.

杉 4710×530×115 (mm)
700,000 yen(+tax)