Finishing & Modification

Finishing & Modification

The Surface is processed with Sander

It gets rid of dust as well as spots like sunburn marks and saw marks, creating a smooth texture.
If painting is not desired, the finishing will be sanding only.

Painting (Option)

We recommend painting to protect the surface of the wood.
You may choose between oil paint or urethane paint.

Oil Paint
We will apply a thin layer of vegetable oil, such as linseed oil or perilla oil.
This will protect the wood from hand stains and minor stains.
The advantage of oil paint is that it does not hinder the respiration of the wood, resulting in a natural gloss.
Additionally, the gloss will age with time, giving your wood an antique look.

Note of caution
・If the room has an air conditioner or heater that causes the humidity to drop abruptly, the wood may be more likely to crack or warp.
・As it is not waterproof, marks may form if water drops (eg. from cups) are left on it for a long period of time.

oil paint

Urethane paint
A transparent film of urethane resin will be applied on the surface of the wood.
It is very hard and repels dirt and stains well, requiring less regular maintenance.
It wraps around the surface sturdily, so the wood is less likely to crack or warp.

Note of caution
・As it has a smooth texture, it will feel and look less like virgin wood.
・It requires no maintenance, but the resin on the surface will peel off with time.

Urethane paint

Miter Joint (Option)

This is a joint that connects two planks at a 45 degree angle (or any desired angle).
Often used for bar counters etc.

Edge Polishing (Option)

This example shows how thorough polishing of the wood edges can leave a more natural look.
The smooth texture will allow you to feel the wood grains directly.

Table legs (Option)

For dining tables and counters, we also accept orders for attaching legs to them. Other than wooden legs, we can also attach iron legs. We have prepared several shapes and sizes for you to choose according to your usage type. Attachment to the top board is done by bolts, providing excellent stability and peace of mind.